coming soon

thestarsatnight.etsy.com opening (hopefully) by december first.


weekend getaway

we went to portland last weekend to visit andrew clyde and lauren culwell, and to see woods and meth teeth. it was so nice to be around familiar people and the show was pretty great too! i wish we would have got video of the place the show was at. it looked just like an old diner but they served snack food and beer on tap. the cab ride after the show was pretty magical too.

work party

so we had our anniversary party for work a few weeks ago. i can't even remember how many years. 15 maybe? free drinks = crazy night. fun was had by all.


wow! so i have a few videos to post today. we've been slacking, obviously. but at long last! here are some videos for you. this one is our halloween spent at work. its a bit long but we really want everyone to get an idea of the people we are around every day at work. our friend jaimie is video-ing for us, as we were involved in the "halloween parade". we're also friends with victoria the cat and katie the friendly witch. oh and there is a little present at the end.