coming soon

thestarsatnight.etsy.com opening (hopefully) by december first.


weekend getaway

we went to portland last weekend to visit andrew clyde and lauren culwell, and to see woods and meth teeth. it was so nice to be around familiar people and the show was pretty great too! i wish we would have got video of the place the show was at. it looked just like an old diner but they served snack food and beer on tap. the cab ride after the show was pretty magical too.

work party

so we had our anniversary party for work a few weeks ago. i can't even remember how many years. 15 maybe? free drinks = crazy night. fun was had by all.


wow! so i have a few videos to post today. we've been slacking, obviously. but at long last! here are some videos for you. this one is our halloween spent at work. its a bit long but we really want everyone to get an idea of the people we are around every day at work. our friend jaimie is video-ing for us, as we were involved in the "halloween parade". we're also friends with victoria the cat and katie the friendly witch. oh and there is a little present at the end.



where willie got freed

Our Wednesday off work. Money earned: well avoided.


dear zeigler,

so last weekend we made daniel this video letter. this is the "clean edit" because some of it was inappropriate for general audiences....like, most of it (i cut out five minutes). but i would like to start making video letters for the blog, so expect yours eventually!!

love, lauren and monét




We don't really hate anything about this, or about anyone we know. Just like Julia and Heath... ENJOY!

Oh pretty baby. from Lauren Ruth on Vimeo.


oldie but goodie

i couldn't help but post this. i made this video almost a year ago, on new years eve. lauren and i were visiting seattle for the first time with madison and we got to meet up with teenage cool kids and koji kondo for new years eve. it was an excellent time.

seattle, day2 from monét on Vimeo.


sister, sister

at least once a day we are asked if we are sisters, or twins, or related...
people are shocked when we say no. enjoy:

sister, sister from monét on Vimeo.


man down.

what an epic turdsday.


the purple team

we went canoeing today, and conveniently we all wore purple. scott is our pseudo roommate right now. great.


Amazing things still to come.


post sans dycus

drunk alone = this.



mexican food that actually tasted like mexican food!! first time for this to happen here.


from the video archives

Monét and Casey rolling down a hill at Gas Works Park.



lauren starts work.

now we both have jobs! BOOYA!!!
here is a short clip of us going to work, and then some from after.



From today:

We had dinner with Shauna and Scott in Ballard tonight, and made a quick peek at the restaurant.

We will be varying our posts like this, some real short, some longer, and some just really awesome. Prepare your minds.


From yesterday:



Discovery Park from Lauren Ruth on Vimeo.

We are trying to not use Vimeo, and instead just upload our videos onto blogger. We'll see how that works out, because it didn't work out for us today.

Our ultimate goal is to create blogs every day, and have all of them not be longer than two minutes. We want you guys to be connected with us, and we with you..