Following traditions

Today Victoria and I walked Lucy (my friend's adorable Dachshund that I'm sitting) and took her to the Ballard Market and then down to the Ballard Locks. She was sooo tired afterward, it was adorable. She also made a few friends with other cute pooches.. Makes me wish I had a dog. But, waking up early every day to walk her is something that I'm definitely not ready for. Maybe in a few years.

Now we're going to go stock up on groceries. Then Liz and Lydia come into town and we'll all be going out. I think I'm going to take them to Shorty's for pinball and veggie dogs. Yummm!


naked bike ride

on a spur of the moment trip to portland, oregon we ran across this naked bike parade. so glad i got to experience this.
video by the lovely miss jillian coker


trying to

take video while playing bumper cars is tough work!


sticking to

i know you will be shocked to hear me say: another cat video....but this time it does not involve cats i know on a personal level. found this little guy while on a walk earlier today.


sunday may 17, 2009

clips from our day. not sure when this blog turned into a cat show, but hopefully you can understand. :D